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Hey you GUYS!!! (said in the voice of the Goonies kid)

I am running around like crazy because I have a dinner date with a very handsome guy soon. I had to fill you in on two things though that just made my day!

Free Galaxy Granola (that I won!!) and Library Books!

Awesome huh!?

Gotta run, have a great evening!


Busy and Fun


So this past weekend was jam packed-just the way I like it. I am the type of person that thrives off of being busy. Yes, some may call me an over planner, but I love looking at my calendar and seeing a weekend full of fun things planned. I do best when I am running around from one activity to the next-perhaps that will come in handy down the road when I have kids!! 🙂

My Friday night was spent whipping up cheese fondue for all the lovely guests at the restaurant where I work. I didn’t get home until 1:30am which means I was working (between both of my jobs) for 17 hours! I am not really sure HOW I manage to do it, but I do! My 1:30am bedtime meant my 7am alarm was NOT a welcome sound. I drug myself out of bed to meet my sister for our final long ride before City to Shore next weekend.

It was a rough ride. There were quite a few hills and I was very tired so the 40 miles we rode felt more like 400 miles! But, we finished and I am hoping I have the stength to make it through next weekend!

I came home and crashed for a few hours before getting ready to head out and meet some blog friends for dinner in Northern Liberties. At the suggestion of Lauren a group of us met for dinner at Cantina Dos Segundos. We all had a great time chatting and I had what was probably one of my all time favorite salads for dinner! You can check out the praise it got on Sabrina’s blog (she obviously loved it too!).

(photo thanks to Ashley)

I honestly loved getting to talk with these girls; being in a smaller group makes the conversations more personal and they tend to flow better. I can’t wait for our next meet-up!

I was in bed by 10pm (on a Saturday!?!) because I had a 5am wake up for some 1/2 marathon volunteering! I worked with some other BOMFers providing hydration for all the runners! I believe there were 18,000+ runners–it was insane! I think we all had a good time though.

It was such a fun experience; even though it was a madhouse for about 2 hours it was totally worth it!

As soon as we were done cleaning up I ran to my car, changed clothes and headed out on my own run! I had 6 miles to do and I did just that! It wasn’t a fast run or anything but it was GOOD. I definitely felt strong and happy when I finished. At this point I was ready to drop but I still had one more thing to do-eat cupcakes!! 🙂

Lisa, Sabrina and I met at Brown Betty’s Dessert Boutique in Northern Liberties

(Thank you Sabrina for the photo!)

We all chose a cupcake and shared – the Sweet Potato cupcake with Spiced Buttercream Frosting was so good! It reminded me of fall — my favorite season. After an awesome couple hours spent chatting with Lisa and Sabrina I said my good-byes and went to B’s house for homemade fish tacos and couch dwelling :). Perfect way to end a great weekend!

I have a 5am wake-up for my BOMF run so this girl has got to get to bed. Catch ya later!



I have lots to catch up on from this weekend so look out for something tonight! Before I go though, I have to say Happy Anniversary to THIS guy! 🙂

Today marks two years that B and I have been dating! It has been an adventure and I wouldn’t change it for anything. We are going out on Thursday to celebrate and I can’t wait. Happy Anniversary B – I love you!

Rainy Day Banana Bread


All day yesterday I couldn’t get banana bread off my mind. Bloggers were tweeting about making it or buying it from their local bakery; people were posting it on their blogs, and there were two very brown bananas sitting in my fruit basket when I went home for lunch. It was when I walked inside after work and saw this, that I knew I had to take action:

I DID have plans to get in a 4-5 mile run on this great trail I ran on this past Tuesday. Well, it was raining and I really didn’t feel like going to the gym, so what better way to use my time than by baking banana bread!?!

I wasn’t even sure if I had everything I needed but after a few quick checks, I did! The only things I changed about this recipe were using Earth Balance instead of butter and using whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. I also didn’t add the glaze on the top at the end – this bread is good enough without it! It was a super simple recipe and made my house smell awesome. I’m still trying to decide if I want to bring it to work tonight to share with everyone or freeze it to have throughout the fall! 🙂

Banana Bread – taken from Cooking Light Magazine

This weekend is going to be busy but fun. Waitressing tonight, final long bike ride, first long run, blogger dinner, 1/2 marathon volunteering (mile 5 water stop!!), birthday cupcake meet-up, and maybe some sleep! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


You Got This


Those three words are what I whisper during the last few miles of a 35 mile ride that feels like it will never end, or while running up a big hill at 6am. It helps motivate me and basically reassures me that no matter what I can make it through.

Lately though I feel like I’ve been using my little motto just in everyday life; ie- I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with things I’ve got going on and things I’ve willingly committed to.

I never want writing to feel like a chore (as it sometimes did at 2am the morning a 10 page paper was due in college) so when things got stressful a few weeks ago, in other areas of my life, I stopped. I was feeling pressured to squeeze in time for writing and that made it not fun.

I’ve been busy and having fun and am still around! In fact I plan to meet up with some other lovely bloggers this weekend for some Half Marathon and Birthday fun!

In other news, my big 75 mile ride is in 11 days!!! I can’t believe how much time I have spent on a bike the past few months. It will be worth it though and I can’t wait to share this experience with all those riding along side me.

Half Marathon training has begun–a bit slower than I had hoped but once my ride is completed I will be able to put full focus on training and getting excited for the Philly Half in November!!

So stick around, you aren’t getting rid of me just yet!

(ps: this is exactly where I will be on Sunday for the ING Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon! Mile 5 – look for me!)