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Phillies Game 2 – NLCS 2010


Last night was a long but awesome night!

I went to Game 2 of the NLCS to see the Phillies take on the San Fransisco Giants!

B has season tickets and had 2 seats to last night’s game. I have never been to a Phillies playoff game so I was super excited. I am not gonna lie-I don’t really care about basketball, hockey is fun to watch, but tickets are expensive, football is fun for the tailgate and atmosphere but baseball has my heart! I LOVE baseball and especially the Phillies.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside and having a few drinks and a veggie sub. Right outside of the park they had set up a big stage and there was a  block party of sorts with booths of food and drinks and you could get your face painted. It definitely got me excited!

If you are a Phillies fan you know it was an exciting game with Jimmy Rollins hitting a bomb in the 7th inning which looked like it was going to be a grand slam but turned into a double that scored us 3 runs. I’ll take it 🙂 . Our seats were right behind home plate in the 400 section which turned out to be great! We had so much fun cheering and waving our rally towels–I definitely don’t have much of a voice today.

The Phillies are in San Fransisco now for the next three games. Here’s to hoping they come back with a series win and head to the World Series!


MS City to Shore Ride 2010


Hey friends!

So remember when I said I was going to ride 75 miles on my bike? Well I did it! I realize this recap is about 3 weeks late but better late than never!

My morning started bright and early at 4am!! I only had about 4 hours of sleep the night before due to having to work my second job so I was a little worried that I would totally hit a wall at some point. My sister and I got dressed and ate the traditional toast with PB as well as a big iced coffee for me!

B was awesome and actually dropped us off at the start so we wouldn’t have to leave my car there. Poor guy-I woke him up at 5am on a Saturday!

We got down to the starting area with plenty of time to walk around and get a feel for everything. I was definitely still half asleep at this point!

After a team photo and last minute adjustments we were off. We started just a little before 7am and there was a cool breeze and everyone seemed in great spirits! It was kind of hard to imagine that we would be spending the entire morning and afternoon on a bike!

The race was really well organized with fully stocked rest stops every 10-15 miles (there were five total I believe). There was a group of five girls that all rode together throughout the day; myself, my sister Lindsey, Meghan, Tiffany and Diana!

The following are some pictures from the different rest stops. We rode anywhere from 13-17mph and took our time at all the rest stops and had fun!

(20 miles down, 55 to go!)

(Meghan had a small accident but was a total champ)

(Super excited to be just about halfway done!)

(Diana and Tiffany fueling up)

(less than 20 miles to go! SUPER hot at this point)

(Mile 63! Last rest stop before the finish in Ocean City!!)

(Holy crap we did it!)

(All smiles with Meghan’s Uncle Dan!)

Our actual time spent riding was 6 hours and 17 minutes but from start to finish it took us close to 9 hours. A big thank you to my family and B and his family for coming to support us! It was so awesome seeing them all right as we crossed the finish line! My sister and I were definitely excited to show off our medals!!

We spent the night in Avalon and had B’s family over for dinner to celebrate our big finish! We had a great time although by 10pm I was falling asleep on the couch!

I will definitely be signing up for the MS City to Shore ride in 2011. If you live in the PA/NJ area you should give it a shot!

Time to get some stuff done on this gross rainy evening.


Apple Picking – Highland Orchards


It is finally beginning to feel like fall here! This whole week is supposed to be breezy and in the 60’s (with some rain here and there). I love summer but nothing beats a cool breeze, wearing sweaters and jeans and being outside!

This past weekend my family and I went out for our annual apple picking excursion.When I was younger we did the hayride and corn maze and got warm cider doughnuts. In college my parents always planned our trip around when we were all home for fall break and we would follow it up with making apple pies at home. No matter what though, we always go. This year was no different. My aunt, uncle and cousins make the trip with us and we always have fun!

I wanted to share some pictures of our day. I hope you enjoy!