Phillies Game 2 – NLCS 2010


Last night was a long but awesome night!

I went to Game 2 of the NLCS to see the Phillies take on the San Fransisco Giants!

B has season tickets and had 2 seats to last night’s game. I have never been to a Phillies playoff game so I was super excited. I am not gonna lie-I don’t really care about basketball, hockey is fun to watch, but tickets are expensive, football is fun for the tailgate and atmosphere but baseball has my heart! I LOVE baseball and especially the Phillies.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside and having a few drinks and a veggie sub. Right outside of the park they had set up a big stage and there was a  block party of sorts with booths of food and drinks and you could get your face painted. It definitely got me excited!

If you are a Phillies fan you know it was an exciting game with Jimmy Rollins hitting a bomb in the 7th inning which looked like it was going to be a grand slam but turned into a double that scored us 3 runs. I’ll take it 🙂 . Our seats were right behind home plate in the 400 section which turned out to be great! We had so much fun cheering and waving our rally towels–I definitely don’t have much of a voice today.

The Phillies are in San Fransisco now for the next three games. Here’s to hoping they come back with a series win and head to the World Series!



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  1. So jealous you were there! Maybe Brad will let us have his tickets for the World Series?? Haha.