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Hit and Run


Otherwise known as the time I hit a car. While running.

Yes, I’m serious.

So Saturday my sister and I had 7 miles planned as part of our training for Broad Street. Our long runs are normally done on Kelly Drive but this particular Saturday I suggested we run a of couple miles into the city because I really enjoyed when Chrissey and I did that during the Philly Half training.

So we started off and looped around the back and side of the art museum. There is a small half circle on the side of the museum that cars will pull into if they need to turn around. There is a stop light and everything, so it’s legit. Lindsey and I had crossed over the first part of the circle and were standing in the little island part waiting for our turn to go. There was a white SUV coming straight towards us but she had her turn signal on. That should have been my first warning. Let me note that when I run I tend to get in the zone so my usual sensibility may have been slightly lowered. OK back to the story…

Lindsey was on my left and the car decided it did not want to turn like it was SIGNALING and kept coming straight. It passed by Lindsey and I saw Lindsey start to run forward. Now I’m no scientific genius or anything but experience has told me that by the time I registered Lindsey moving forward the car would have then passed by me and I could begin running again. Well in all of my excitement to get moving I failed to notice that the white SUV had slowed down considerably and instead of being far to my right it was RIGHT in front of me.

Steph beginning an excited run+white SUV smack in front of her = BAM

The sound of me making contact with the SUV was so loud my sister stopped and gasped, thinking I must have broken every bone in my left arm. It was crazy because I hit the car and kind of skidded down the side of it  but managed to stay upright! At first I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry from embarrassment. It had to have been a sight to see. I mean who actually RUN INTO A MOVING CAR?!?!  This girl.

All laughing aside though, it did  hurt and I have some scrapes on my arm as well as some mild soreness. But lets be honest, it is really funny. 🙂 We ended up having a good run though and finished all 7 miles in 69 minutes.

So moving on to tastier things…

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weakness for tortilla chips. They definitely top the list of favorite snack foods, especially with salsa or say, queso dip. 🙂 So when Foodbuzz contacted me asking if I would like to try Tostitos new Artisan Recipes, of COURSE I said I wanted to be considered! Well lucky me because look what was waiting on my doorstep as I walked in the house after work!

They come in two flavors, Fire Roasted Chipotle and Roasted Garlic and Black Bean. I immediately ripped open the Chipotle flavor because who said tortilla chips were bad pre-run fuel?!

The chips are definitely flavorful, although I was hoping for more of a smokey Chipotle flavor. That being said, they were tasty! A bit thicker than normal tortilla chips but packed with flavor-I definitely licked my fingers clean!

I haven’t tried the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean yet; I want to save them for the weekend!

I hope everyone got their Mondays started off right! Anyone out  there have a funny/embarrassing exercise story like mine?!


I received Tostitos Artisan Recipes Flavored Tortilla Chips as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thanks Foodbuzz and Tostitos!

Keepin’ it to a Minimum


Oh hey there! I was starting to wonder if I would ever make it back on here! Lots a good things have been going on, most notably being that I got a new job! I’m still with the same company, but I have moved into to the role of Social Media Marketing Specialist. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to kicking some Social Media a$$ in this new role.

I’m working in the Comcast Center downtown and I now have a “big girl” commute to the city which means taking the train to and from. I actually love public transportation and have managed to read the entire “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series in one month. Who knew I was such a reader?! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Philadelphia, the Comcast Center is a behemoth of a building in Center City. It is the largest building in Philly as you can see below:


I also signed up for Broad Street with the hope that I will be able to beat my time from last year. The past couple of months I have focused much more on strength training and yoga and have just recently started my official running training plan. I can tell you now that strength training has REALLY helped my running. I am running a little bit faster and I don’t want to jump off a bridge after 3 miles on a treadmill-hooray!

I am sure you are probably asking why the title of this post is Keepin’ it to a Minimum when clearly I have been rambling for awhile. Here’s why: are you all familiar with minimalist running? If you aren’t check out Ashley’s site – she has been using Vibram’s, the most minimal of shoes, for awhile. I have been intrigued by the idea of running barefoot but haven’t felt that I have the time to dedicate to properly training my feet to run without the support normal running shoes provide.

So think of it like this-I’m Goldilocks and just like her porridge was “too hot!” “too cold!” and finally “just right!” I had shoes that were “too constricting!” but for me right now Vibrams are “no support at all!” So what’s a girl to do? Well I think I found a solution!! Say hello to my new Nike Free Runs:

I am kind of in love. And so far they are “just right!” They look like normal sneakers except that you slip them on much like you would a sock. They are very light and flexible.

The shoe provides some support while allowing your foot to experience a more natural movement-as if you were walking barefoot. At first I didn’t notice a huge difference but as I was running I did begin to feel my calves working a little harder then they normally do. I’ve read that when transitioning to minimalist shoes, like Vibrams, that is one of the biggest adjustment- strengthening your calf muscles since you are now working a  part of your body that you wouldn’t normally work as hard. I am really excited to put some more miles on them-I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes!

I’ve got a 5 mile run planned this weekend as well as dinner and a movie with Brad, and hanging out with my old roomie Lauren! Catch ya all later!


Question! Is anyone out there running Broad Street?? Interested in a pre-race get together?!?