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Broad Street Run 2011


Recap time! I’m at yoga right now and  thought it would be appropriate to post this while I try and stretch out my sore legs!

Yesterday was my second time running Broad Street. Last year’s recap can be found here. This year’s run was 1000x better than last year for several reasons:

  • It was only in the high 60’s this year as opposed to last years almost 90 degrees!
  • I didn’t stop running once!
  • Beat last year’s time by 9 minutes!
Needless to say, I had a much better experience this year. My alarm went off at 4:45 am and I stuffed some toast with PB and banana on it into my mouth while drinking some tea. My roommate Steph and I got ready and met up with my sister, cousin and uncle and took the Broad Street Line to the start. Here’s Steph and I ready to go!

My sister and I agreed to run together (aka, I demanded she run with me since she left me and Chrissy last year! 🙂 ) For some strange reason, I wasn’t really nervous! I hadn’t run more than 8 miles this time around and that was over a month ago-which should have made me nervous. But I decided that as I ran by Mayor Nutter with a smile on my face, I was going to enjoy this race damnit! Last year I was so worried and concerned about running too slow and being so hot I didn’t really “take it all in”.

I think I was better prepared mentally this time around as well. Knowing what to expect in terms of crowds, water stops, music etc. made it a bit easier. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard goings, especially miles 7-9. My family was waiting for us just after mile 9 like last year which helped a LOT. It was also great seeing Sabrina AND Chrissey cheering the crowds on around mile 6! After seeing my family at mile 9 I knew it was almost over!! Lindsey and I ran the whole thing which I am still amazed at; I am a fan of short walk breaks if needed. Crossing that finish line with awesome-I knew I had given it my all and proudly took my medal!!

Lindsey and I walked the mile back to meet up with our family. It was a great morning and ended at Geno’s where everyone chowed down on cheese steaks; I stuck with some super healthy cheese fries though. 🙂

Here’s Lindsey, me, my cousin Elissa and my Uncle Mike after we finished! I’m so glad I have awesome parents who come out to support me during these races!! Brad was at a bachelor party this weekend or else I would have had him down there playing photographer!

Who else ran Broad Street? Any fun races coming up that you’re running in??