Monthly Archives: June 2011

See You Soon!


A week ago I said the words above to Brad as he hopped on a plane for Nicaragua. Truth be told, three weeks seems like an eternity, not “soon”. Brad’s trip to Nicaragua comes after years of saving money and exploring a variety of countries in order to find the perfect spot to fulfill his dreams of opening a surf camp and restaurant in Central America.


This isn’t something I just found out about. I’ve know about his ideas and dreams since we started dating three years ago. Some people might call me crazy for even being with someone who would one day up and move to another country but hey, you can’t help who ya’ love, right?

I’m not going to get into every little detail of how we got to this point right now; I would need many, many pages for that. Instead, just know that I am entering into the “dreaded” LDR – long distance relationship. Granted Brad will be back to the states for several weeks at a time from now until the holidays. That being said, there are still a LOT of unanswered questions – will it work? Can I handle missing someone as much as I miss him? Will I move there eventually? Will he want to stay there long-term? Honestly, I can’t give a solid answer to any of those questions, and I’ve been asked them so many times that I feel like I have gone into auto-pilot.

Here’s what I do know – I love Brad; and not to get sappy on ya’ but I feel like there is a big void in my life since he left. The past week I kind of feel like I’ve been wandering around not knowing what to do. This is a process and one that we are both struggling with. I am trying to keep my chin up knowing that this is all happening for a reason and things will eventually work themselves out as they are meant to. I have to say; I have a great support group of amazing girlfriends and family and I’m keeping plenty busy! It can be tough though- not knowing when Brad and I will get to talk (internet/phone can be iffy in a third world country) but we’re doing OK so far.


This is an exciting time, albeit hard as well. I have a lot to look forward to and right now, that is seeing Brad in two weeks!

I know this is a random post but I wanted to get it out there because it helps to write things down, especially when I’m feeling all over the place. I’m excited to document and write about this whole process-good/bad, ups/downs, all of it. That way I can look back five years from now and truly appreciate the tough times. Catch ya’ soon!