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Black Rain Cloud


That little guy up there sums up my day pretty well.

I am a very happy/optimistic person by nature – as I am sure you can tell by my pink background on the blog and love of puppies and kittens 😉 . I tend to take negativity and stress in strides and not let it get to me too much; there are way better things for me to focus my attention on rather than worry that I don’t have enough money for a new pair of shoes.

I will say though that today sneaked up from behind and backhanded me across the face like nobody’s business. I was totally unprepared and blindsided by all of the unpleasant things that happened (how about health insurance going up $100 a month?! Awesome right?). Granted, a lot of these things were work related, but when you spend 9-10 hours a day here, sh*t gets personal :).

I was wallowing around in my bad mood, trying not to cry at work until B came to the rescue. Here is just one of the many things I dealt with today:

I had someone who was interviewing for a job and 10 minutes before her interview the manager cancelled. Sucks for me because I could have made money had she gotten the job. B responded with “at least YOU weren’t the one who had her interview cancelled on them.” And you know what, he is right. Sure there are some things that aren’t so great with my life right now, but nothing that I can’t overcome. So I will keep on truckin’ and hope for things to get better.

I’ve got an awesome recipe I am trying out tonight AND I have on a cute outfit right now–today can’t be THAT bad, right??