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Hello! Warning – this is a pictureless “brain dump” post. I have some more posts planned with lots of fun pictures but for now, need to catch myself up here!

Brad and I made it to Nicaragua – er, THREE MONTHS ago!! Totally dropped the ball on the whole “blogging all the time telling everyone about my new life!” I blame myself but I will also share the blame with the fact that I work all day and when I get home the last thing I want to do is be on the computer. Yes, my company has hooked me up with an iPhone with a full plan and internet but lets just say that if I want to check out the latest happenings on Facebook, I might as well log in, go make dinner, eat and THEN check my phone to see if everything is loaded 🙂 Ok I am being dramatic but patience really is a virtue here because things are s-l-o-w.

So lets backtrack a bit. I’ve been posting photos and updates on Facebook but I think this will be a great place to store my thoughts and hey, maybe someone else moving to Nicaragua one day will find this useful…

Brad and I arrived in Nicaragua and immediately started to look for a place to live. I honestly didn’t have many requirements since I knew the pickings would be slim – I just wanted a safe, clean house with lots of air flow and close to where I work. The first place we looked at was really cute from the outside but once inside, you could tell the place hadn’t seen any TLC in awhile – oh and there were no screens on the windows so we would be REALLY living with nature – no thanks.

Enter awesome house on the beach with a big porch and lots of coconut trees. We initially thought it was out of our price range but upon speaking with the caretaker, we could make it work! So we are now the proud renters of a two bedroom, two bath house with a loft and plenty of open space for Finn to lounge around when he’s not running like a nut on the beach — more on him in another post 🙂 The house has been great and is starting to feel like home!

I think one of the reasons I haven’t blogged since we got here was that I was struggling with missing friends and family. Everyone always comments how jealous they are that I live in paradise and that what we are doing is so awesome – and it IS. But it’s also hard! You could live in the most amazingly beautiful setting, but eventually things become familiar, and  routine and you start to remember just how important those people back home are 🙂

I don’t want this to sound like I am complaining or that I want to move home because that isn’t the case at all – I am just struggling with not getting to see my favorite people every day! I will say though, it makes those FaceTime and Skype dates that much sweeter – I’ll be home in a month and can. not. WAIT to see everyone!

Oh and my parents arrive tomorrow so that helps too! Watch out Nicaragua, I don’t know if you’ll be the same once my parents and their best friends are done with ya’ 😉

Red White and Blue!


I am definitely a day late to say this but Happy Birthday America! I am still down the shore, hanging out and hoping to beat the traffic by leaving later tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow with more but for now here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Sweet Summertime


Happy First Day of Summer!

It feels strange saying that since the past several weeks sure have felt like summer! This weekend was no exception! After my bike ride Saturday I got ready and went home to see my dad. I wasn’t going to be with him ON Father’s Day so I wanted to give him his gift and visit before I left. My dad should win an award for raising THREE daughters who all turned out pretty great! We always used to joke around because my Dad was the ONLY guy in a house full of women. Even the pets were always girls. I think he still managed to be a pretty awesome Dad regardless! Love you Dad!

After a short visit I went to my friend Lauren’s for a small party celebrating her anniversary with her husband. She had a very small ceremony last year so the party Saturday was for family/friends who couldn’t be there last year. It was really fun and I had a good time chatting with her family and enjoying the weather.

Lauren and I have known each other for almost a DECADE now! We met in high school and have been friends ever since. This picture was taken on her wedding day last year. I love this photo and actually have it framed in my room!

After saying my goodbyes at the party I hopped in the car for the drive down the shore. It did not take very long and I was there by dinner time. I love the part of the drive where you go over the bridge to whatever shore point you’re headed to. To me that is the official WELCOME TO THE BEACH!

Saturday night B and I went to a friend’s house in Stone Harbor and hung out before meeting his brother and sister at the WhiteBriar for a couple drinks. Of all the shore bars, my favorites are the ones where you can be outside. B made a good point Saturday night when he said, “why would I want to be at the shore and stuck inside someplace with no windows?” I agree! We didn’t stay too long though; we wanted to be up Sunday to fully enjoy the shore. And we did! It was a beautiful day.

After spending a couple hours at the beach we came back and had dinner before driving home. It was another fun (although short!) weekend at the shore. I love the shore — being there really helps me relax and “re-center”.

This week coming up is going to be pretty busy! I have something exciting going on so check back later this week. Enjoy all the extra sunshine we get today for Summer Solstice!


Getting Back on Track


Hey Hey!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I definitely did! I got home laaaate last night so today was busy getting back on track and working! I FINALLY did my food shopping–I have been making small trips here and there over the past month but this was the “real deal” and I stocked up on a lot of stuff that will last me weeks and weeks!

Anyways, back to the weekend! Friday B and I headed to the shore and didn’t hit much traffic at all. We met up with his brother and wife for a couple drinks in Strathmere before having dinner at his parent’s place in Ocean City. Dinner with baked ziti and it was great! I also had a couple glasses of wine.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. I got my boardwalk run in Saturday morning and spent the rest of Saturday at a graduation party and then out at a beach bar watching the Flyers. Sunday B was feeling a little “under the weather” but luckily I managed to meet up with my family for lunch and get some reading in. We hit up the boardwalk Sunday night for Banana Whips from the Bashful Banana. If you are ever down in OCNJ DEFINITELY go to the Bashful Banana–they have an awesome menu and lots of healthy options!

I am so glad this was a long weekend because I didn’t actually make it to the beach until Monday!! I only spent a couple hours on the sand, but it was plenty. The weather was beautiful and the rest of the day was spent watching the boys play wiffleball and going for a bike ride with a friend.

All in all it was a GREAT weekend! I was pretty tired all day; good thing the work day went by quickly. I made a smoked salmon wrap for dinner and now I am about to hit the hay. Here are a few pics from the weekend. I already can’t wait to get back down the shore!


Shore To Be A Good Time


The day is finally here!!! Time to head to the shore for 3+ days of deck dwelling, bike riding, boardwalk running, seafood eating, beach walking fun!

The weatherman is calling for some rain tonight and Saturday AM but Sunday and Monday look fantastic. I may not bring my laptop with me; I haven’t decided yet. If I don’t look out for a weekend recap early next week.

I spent last night listening to the thunder and packing everything up for this weekend. Last summer at the shore I was still eating meat and this summer I am not. I will definitely still be enjoying some fresh seafood, but I wanted to make sure I have plenty of options for other meals as well.

I packed a big bag of goodies to bring with me:

I have bananas, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, Larabars, individual nut butter packets, oats, “B Thinks This Would Be Better Without Pistachios” cereal, and Quorn chicken patties. B’s parents always have lots of fruits and veggies and fun snacks so this bag of food should be more than enough for the long weekend!

I’ve realized while packing last night that I definitely need some additional summer dresses! I love dresses and skirts and would wear them every day if I had enough! Anyone have suggestions on where to find some cute, inexpensive fun dresses for work AND play??

In other news, I failed to mention earlier this week that I got out and did 6.5 miles on Kelly Drive last Saturday! It was an amazing day and I probably only RAN about 4 miles but walking those other 2.5 miles was the best idea. I got a chance to really look around and enjoy my surroundings. Usually when I run I am so focused on my running and breathing that I forget to “stop and smell the roses”. Well not to fear folks, I will make sure to do that this weekend! I love going for an early morning run on the boardwalk, before the shops are open and it is just you, other runners and the ocean. ❤

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!