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MS City to Shore Ride 2010


Hey friends!

So remember when I said I was going to ride 75 miles on my bike? Well I did it! I realize this recap is about 3 weeks late but better late than never!

My morning started bright and early at 4am!! I only had about 4 hours of sleep the night before due to having to work my second job so I was a little worried that I would totally hit a wall at some point. My sister and I got dressed and ate the traditional toast with PB as well as a big iced coffee for me!

B was awesome and actually dropped us off at the start so we wouldn’t have to leave my car there. Poor guy-I woke him up at 5am on a Saturday!

We got down to the starting area with plenty of time to walk around and get a feel for everything. I was definitely still half asleep at this point!

After a team photo and last minute adjustments we were off. We started just a little before 7am and there was a cool breeze and everyone seemed in great spirits! It was kind of hard to imagine that we would be spending the entire morning and afternoon on a bike!

The race was really well organized with fully stocked rest stops every 10-15 miles (there were five total I believe). There was a group of five girls that all rode together throughout the day; myself, my sister Lindsey, Meghan, Tiffany and Diana!

The following are some pictures from the different rest stops. We rode anywhere from 13-17mph and took our time at all the rest stops and had fun!

(20 miles down, 55 to go!)

(Meghan had a small accident but was a total champ)

(Super excited to be just about halfway done!)

(Diana and Tiffany fueling up)

(less than 20 miles to go! SUPER hot at this point)

(Mile 63! Last rest stop before the finish in Ocean City!!)

(Holy crap we did it!)

(All smiles with Meghan’s Uncle Dan!)

Our actual time spent riding was 6 hours and 17 minutes but from start to finish it took us close to 9 hours. A big thank you to my family and B and his family for coming to support us! It was so awesome seeing them all right as we crossed the finish line! My sister and I were definitely excited to show off our medals!!

We spent the night in Avalon and had B’s family over for dinner to celebrate our big finish! We had a great time although by 10pm I was falling asleep on the couch!

I will definitely be signing up for the MS City to Shore ride in 2011. If you live in the PA/NJ area you should give it a shot!

Time to get some stuff done on this gross rainy evening.



Busy and Fun


So this past weekend was jam packed-just the way I like it. I am the type of person that thrives off of being busy. Yes, some may call me an over planner, but I love looking at my calendar and seeing a weekend full of fun things planned. I do best when I am running around from one activity to the next-perhaps that will come in handy down the road when I have kids!! 🙂

My Friday night was spent whipping up cheese fondue for all the lovely guests at the restaurant where I work. I didn’t get home until 1:30am which means I was working (between both of my jobs) for 17 hours! I am not really sure HOW I manage to do it, but I do! My 1:30am bedtime meant my 7am alarm was NOT a welcome sound. I drug myself out of bed to meet my sister for our final long ride before City to Shore next weekend.

It was a rough ride. There were quite a few hills and I was very tired so the 40 miles we rode felt more like 400 miles! But, we finished and I am hoping I have the stength to make it through next weekend!

I came home and crashed for a few hours before getting ready to head out and meet some blog friends for dinner in Northern Liberties. At the suggestion of Lauren a group of us met for dinner at Cantina Dos Segundos. We all had a great time chatting and I had what was probably one of my all time favorite salads for dinner! You can check out the praise it got on Sabrina’s blog (she obviously loved it too!).

(photo thanks to Ashley)

I honestly loved getting to talk with these girls; being in a smaller group makes the conversations more personal and they tend to flow better. I can’t wait for our next meet-up!

I was in bed by 10pm (on a Saturday!?!) because I had a 5am wake up for some 1/2 marathon volunteering! I worked with some other BOMFers providing hydration for all the runners! I believe there were 18,000+ runners–it was insane! I think we all had a good time though.

It was such a fun experience; even though it was a madhouse for about 2 hours it was totally worth it!

As soon as we were done cleaning up I ran to my car, changed clothes and headed out on my own run! I had 6 miles to do and I did just that! It wasn’t a fast run or anything but it was GOOD. I definitely felt strong and happy when I finished. At this point I was ready to drop but I still had one more thing to do-eat cupcakes!! 🙂

Lisa, Sabrina and I met at Brown Betty’s Dessert Boutique in Northern Liberties

(Thank you Sabrina for the photo!)

We all chose a cupcake and shared – the Sweet Potato cupcake with Spiced Buttercream Frosting was so good! It reminded me of fall — my favorite season. After an awesome couple hours spent chatting with Lisa and Sabrina I said my good-byes and went to B’s house for homemade fish tacos and couch dwelling :). Perfect way to end a great weekend!

I have a 5am wake-up for my BOMF run so this girl has got to get to bed. Catch ya later!


Racing the Rain



Hope everyone had a good weekend! Friday night I had a work function which ended up being really fun! Saturday was pretty lazy. B and I went to see Inception (AMAZING) and had dinner out.

This afternoon I set out to get a bike ride in — my “official” 8-week training starts this coming week but I have been biking to get in the groove of things. I ended up completing 25 miles (including 3 stops) in 1:51:57 which averages out to a little over 4.5 minute miles.

The ride was sunny and HOT until about mile 17…I looked up ahead of me and the sky was just dark and ominous. I picked up the pace a little in hopes of missing the rain. When I say that I made it home LITERALLY as the first lightening bolt crossed the sky, I mean it. The skies opened up 5 minutes later and there was a tornado warning!

I watched the storm roll in with a post-ride green monster.

Into the mix went:

  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1/2 frozen nanner
  • ice

Perfect! Hit the spot and will definitely hold me over until dinner. B and I are heading to WC to have dinner with my family. We’re supposed to grill so hopefully the rain stops!!


Back At It


Hey There!

Betchya thought I was never coming back, huh? Sorry to say, you’re stuck with me for now 😉 . I was gone Friday evening-Tuesday morning at the shore so I am just getting back and updated on things.

My weekend was very fun and pretty productive! I set out on my first long ride — I ended up biking 26 miles in a little over 2 hours! You know what was funny? I definitely felt as if my legs could go longer/faster but I made a BIG rookie mistake and wore running shorts instead of padded bike shorts and was almost in tears by the end. Lets just say that I won’t be making that mistake again!

Aside from my awesome bike ride I attended B’s annual family reunion as well as his sister’s graduation party. I also got to meet up with a couple of my friends who have a house for the week in Avalon. I was definitely exhausted come Monday night, but it was worth it!

Ha so this is how I spend my days on the beach-with a hat on in the shade! We actually played in the ocean for awhile and the waves were really fun! But I am trying to be safe in the sun which means lots of sunscreen and sitting under the umbrella if I feel too hot!

B’s sister’s graduation party was at a beach bar/restaurant so it was fun to kick off my sandals and enjoy the evening.

Me and the graduate! B’s sister is a really amazing singer and even preformed at her own party! Honestly though, her voice is beautiful–I hope she remembers the little people when she makes it big 🙂

It is always hard leaving the shore because I love it so much! Today went by fairly quickly and before I knew it, I was back on my bike, this time for a short and fast ride. I did just over 7 miles in 27 minutes. I was definitely tired by the end and need to work up my endurance; but I’m getting there!

When I got back I spent about 5 minutes deciding what to have for dinner. Actually, I had been perusing Meghann’s blog earlier and saw she had made a vegetarian rueben and well, that was that. I had all the ingredients I needed so I sliced up some zucchini, toasted some sprouted grain bread and added my Laughing Cow cheese, sauerkraut, spicy mustard and ketchup.

I roasted some broccoli on the side too. Perfect way to end the day!

Now I have to unpack and do some laundry quickly. I have a 5am wake-up tomorrow for my BOMF run!

Have a good night!


One of THOSE Days


It is AMAZING outside today. I cringe everytime I think about how much longer I am stuck inside until I can go out and play! And on top of that I am just having a womp womp of a day at work. Just gotta keep that chin up!

So I am seriously in need of a trip to the food store but am refusing to go until after the holiday since I’ll be down the shore for 3.5 days. That means that my meals this week have been random but hey, I’m working with what I got! For example, breakfast this morning was a PB and banana sandwich because I have no spinach or milk for my normal morning smoothie.

For lunch I had a wrap that had about 1/4 of it torn of for so odd reason. I put some hummus and zucchini in it with some water melon on the side.

I’ve got some Chobani with berries and B Thinks This Would Be Better Without Pistachios then dinner is a complete mystery. I’m heading to WC to ride with Meghan and we’ll go from there :).

In happier news…guess what I did today?!

Registered for the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon!! Super excited/terrified. Training will start in August but I’ll be busy with bike training until then!

Gotta run-pray this day goes quickly so I can enjoy an awesome ride outside!


My Bicycle

This is my bicycle.
She is a hand-me-down from my sister. She passed it onto me years ago after she went out and got a real road bike and real cycling gear.
My bike isn’t a road bike. It’s not a mountain bike either.
I’m not sure it really knows what it is.
That is kind of like me, riding this bike in preparation for City to Shore.
This is a totally new experience.
I’m nervous I won’t be good at it, but I’m excited to try.
I don’t feel like I belong on this bike but love the feeling of the wind on my face as I whoosh down the trail.
Eight miles today in 00:38:30.
Getting a little faster!

It’s Pedal Time



I hope everyone had a good Friday night. I just laid low; ran some errands and did laundry while watching TV. I really love those rare nights when I have time to myself and NO PLANS. I was even able to finish the book I started reading in NC last week: Water for Elephants. If you haven’t heard of/read it yet you should. The book is being made into a movie as we speak and I believe Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon are the stars!

I am still so excited about the news I shared yesterday about the ride I am doing in September. To kick off my training I decided to head out on a ride this morning. I am not officially beginning a set training plan for a few more weeks but until then I want to make sure I am riding often and getting my body prepared for longer distances; especially in the heat!

I headed out this morning for a breezy 12 mile ride which took me about 1:07:21 which included a few stops for water and to take pictures. I am DEFINITELY a newbie to riding but am excited to get better! It was tough seeing so many people whiz by on their road bikes decked out in professional cycling gear. I had to remind myself that everything takes work and I too will be whizzing down the road this summer.

I definitely went at a good time today because the sun was bright and shining but it wasn’t swelteringly hot yet. I had a piece of toast with almond butter before I left and made a smoothie once I got home. Into my smoothie went:

  • Almond milk
  • Spinach
  • Frozen Cherries
  • Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
  • Ice

It hit the spot! Now I must get myself ready and packed for the rest of the weekend. I am heading to a friends party this afternoon then down the shore for the rest of the weekend. Have a good afternoon and enjoy this beautiful weather!