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Yesterday was my 28th Birthday-I can’t believe I’m two years away from 30!! I’m definitely not one of those people that moans and groans about getting older. I am looking forward to whatever getting older has in store for me.

The long weekend was packed with friends, family and lots of food! I will say that I am definitely all set for cold weather running gear (except for compression sleeves and socks!) thanks to my aunt/uncle and my parents and sisters. They’re the best and having some new fun gear is really making my look forward to marathon training which “officially” starts next weekend! I’ll be running a 5mile race next Sunday so my first run with the team wont be until the following weekend.

Since I’ve still got gifts on the mind I figured I would get the holiday season started with my Christmas wish list!


I have been wanting a pair of rain boots for um, ever. I just haven’t been able to justify buying a pair for myself but I figured why not ask for Christmas! These are perfect because they are great for rain and winter. Size 9 please ūüôā


Love these earrings! They are from Stella and Dot which has the CUTEST¬†jewelry. I usually don’t ask for/buy jewelry but these earrings are awesome-as is the necklace and¬†bracelet¬†they show with it.


I’d love a pair of camel or cognac colored oxford booties. Something I could definitely wear with black and brown. These are just an example, but you get the idea; although these are $15 off through Monday!! size 8.5!


I want a pair of reasonably priced aviator sunglasses and my sister has these and loves them.


I really want this camera case to carry instead of my big bulky camera case at times. I like that you can hang the camera from your shoulder but the actual camera itself is still somewhat protected.


I saw this bag on Etsy and knew I needed it. It would be perfect as a beach bag or for running errands and it is made from recycled coffee bags from Nicaragua. Love it!

Sooo I hope that gives my family some good ideas on what I would like. In addition Gift Cards always work and are perfect gift for picking out clothes.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their long weekends. I’m off to get ready for a run with Meghan!


Sunday Funday


Today was NOT spent drinking copious amounts of alcohol (although I had a few), but it WAS a fun-Sunday!

Yesterday was a terribly lazy day though. I have no pictures for you; it was that lazy. I spent the day watching TV, doing laundry and relaxing. B came over and we went to dinner at Bonefish. We’ve had a GC that we had been meaning to use. The dinner was very good (although in the rush to leave I forgot my camera!). I had a mango martini which was the perfect way to start the meal. We shared the calamari appetizer and I had a house salad and crab cake appetizer for my meal. Everything was good; my only complaint was that even though the crab cakes were all crab meat and no filler, they did have some sort of¬†mayonnaise in them which I wasn’t a huge fan of ūüė¶ .

Today was my sister Karleigh’s birthday AND a party for my cousin Kate’s graduation from High School. B and I headed to WC for lunch with my family before we all headed to the grad party. We decided on a new restaurant in town called Mas ¬†Mexicali Cantina.

The restaurant had a fun, Mexican vibe to it with lots of fun decorations on the walls.

My favorite part though was the lights

Aren’t they great? I love fun light fixtures and this definitely fit the bill.

Since there was going to be a lot of delicious food at my cousin’s graduation party, we decided to split a bunch of appetizers. While we waited, we munched on some chips and salsa (aka my all time favorite snack). B ordered a Pineapple Express Margarita which I gladly helped him drink :).

The appetizers came pretty quickly and were your typical Mexican dishes; nachos (no chicken please!), guacamole, queso fundido and a chicken taquito somethingoranother :). I had a bunch of the nachos and guacamole. The guacamole with good but I love a lot of lime in mine when I make it at home. How do you all like your guacamole? My friend Meghan makes the most amazing crab guacamole with lots of garlic, crab and lime.

Mas has a rooftop bar that my sister says is a lot of fun! She is my go-to girl for when I want to know about good places to drink/eat in WC. She is still in college and gets out often. Happy Birthday seester!

After lunch we putzed around my parents for a bit then headed over to the grad party. Like I mentioned before, the food did not disappoint. There was meatballs, sausage, penne vodka, pasta with broccoli rabe, a HUGE fruit salad, fresh veggies, cheeses, etc. I had a big plate of fruit and a small helping of the pasta with broccoli rabe – I was still pretty full from lunch. I also sipped on a Victory beer and a small glass of wine. The highlight of the afternoon though was this guy:

Oh yes, that’s right. The ice cream man came to my cousin’s grad party! My aunt and uncle have had him come to all of their kid’s grad parties and this time was no exception. Everyone gets a ticket and can pick whatever they want. Even though I was not hungry at all, I SOMEHOW managed to have half of a strawberry fruit bar. It was good, but it was no self-serve fro-yo ;).

Congrats to cousin Kate on her graduation from High School! B and I said our good-byes and headed home. He and a few friends had plans to watch the Flyers game at his house and I had a date with a big mound of laundry. I am heading to NC on Thursday and need to get myself organized and packed! Have a great night – I’ll leave you with a picture of my sisters and I. Do you think we look alike?? Who do you think is the oldest/middle/youngest?


Rainy Day Blues


Hey All!

I ¬†hope everyone’s Mondays were a bit nicer than mine! Well my day wasn’t too bad, it was the weather that gave me a small case of the grumps. Nothing like sitting in the office and looking out on a grey sky!

Lets back it up though shall we? Yesterday was a busy day spent at home with the family. I went with my mom to a sorority function my youngest sister’s sorority held for families. It was fun and totally made me¬†reminisce¬†about my sorority days in college ūüôā .

Afterwards B and I ran around picking up a few things for my middle sister’s birthday dinner! On the menu last night was chicken and shrimp tacos, chips and homemade salsa and ice cream cake for dessert! I didn’t snap a whole lot of pictures, mostly because I was enjoying my time with the fam. My sister on the other hand got a few shots…

I actually had a great time cooking! It wasn’t anything terribly complicated to make but I just love being in front of a stove, mixing things up while chatting with friends/family! Everything turned out great as you you can tell by all the smiles!

Hey there good lookin’!

Happy Birthday to my middle sis Lindsey (who is in the middle!)

Everything tasted so good – maybe too good because I think I filled up on too many chips and salsa to fully enjoy dinner! Instead of making tacos, I decided to make a Mexican shrimp salad and it was perfect. I wish I had leftovers!

Although I was quite full from dinner, I did manage to squeeze in a piece of one of these lovlies:

Home made ice cream cakes! They are so super easy to make and taste waaay better than anything store bought. I love making them and they usually make an appearance at all our birthday’s thanks to my mom! I was able to get my hands on the scene today and help out with making them.

Today I definitely felt the after effects of over indulgence. That’s OK though because today is a new day full of Cherry Chocolate Bombs, Smoked salmon and broccoli slaw wraps, apples and Chobani! I have nothing planned yet for dinner, but I am definitely craving veggies! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!