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Taking Inspiration From Others


As I was getting out of my car after work this evening a thought suddenly crossed my mind. Do my legs remember how to run!? This thought was brought on by the fact that I was planning on running tonight. Well I proved to myself the yes indeed, my legs DO remember how to run…just not very well :). I only ran two miles but felt like I had run 10 times that! I want to chalk it up to the heat but in reality, I have lost my running fitness.

I will admit that I have had a few mini freak outs over this; especially considering that the most I have run since Broad Street is 3 miles! But ya’ know what? It’s OK.  No really, I am fine with it. I know that my body can work itself up to ten miles, or 13 or 75 on a bike, it will just take time and hard work. Either way, those two miles were still hard! I came back looking like a hot mess.

Attractive I know. Just trying to keep things real ;). I was able to shower and get dinner started just as B got here from work. Tonight’s dinner was inspired in part by Travel Eat Love’s salmon recipe  Eat Live Run’s use of swiss chard as a side, and my own pineapple rice!

The salmon recipe I followed was very simple. Instead of using a Zinfandel to create  cherry sauce for the salmon I used Shiraz. I let the cherries and wine simmer for about 30 minutes while I threw together my Pineapple Rice. While that all cooked I prepared these pretty ladies.

I am in love with the vibrant colors of this Swiss Chard! When I saw it during my trip to Headhouse Farmer’s Market I just knew I had to get it. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it once I actually had it but I got it anyways. In reality it wasn’t so scary. I just chopped the stalks into small pieces and tore the leaves up. I sautéed them with some olive oil, garlic and salt along with some asparagus and red pepper. It made for a VERY colorful and flavorful dinner.

I love pineapples and the cherry sauce went so well with it. I would definitely make this again but probably use a different starch or roast some more veggies. Overall a great dinner! I’m headed to the couch to watch some TV with B before bed. Have a good night everyone!