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Headhouse and Italian Markets


I had such good Sunday and can’t wait to tell you all about it 🙂

Picking up from Saturday….B and I went out for a light dinner and drinks after the World Cup game. We tried a new (to us) place called CORK in Collingswood, NJ. The lighting in the restaurant was terrible so you will not be seeing any pictures, sorry! I can tell you that I had a glass of red sangria and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc that were delicious along with my food. Oh and I dragged B to get fro-yo because apparently the place near my parent’s house were I always go is a chain and there was one located right near his house. Perfect!

Sunday morning I slept in until about 10 which is a rarity but was definitely great. I had a big bowl of fruit for breakfast since there was uh, just a bit left over from yesterday. After breakfast B and I headed into Philly. Our first stop?

I have been wanting to go to Headhouse for some time now. I love farmer’s markets (West Chester has a great one!) but sadly the only one close to where I live leaves something to be desired. So into the city we went in search of produce! There was certainly plenty of it here!

I ended up getting some swiss chard and local peaches. I am excited to cook with the swiss chard this week.

After walking up and down the farmer’s market and South Street for a bit, we decided to hop in the car and check out the Italian Market. I know this may be shocking, since I have lived in this area for over a decade, but I had never been to the Italian Market!! I’ve driven past it plenty of times but never walked through all the stalls and stores. B and I perused for a while, taking in the sights and picking up some goods for dinner.

It was HOT yesterday so we only lasted about an hour in the market, but I loved every minute of it. OK maybe the gross smell walking by the fish stalls wasn’t so great but everything else was! By the way, the Italian Market is a people watchers paradise! There are so many different sounds, smells and sights, you could stay entertained for hours.

B and I did pretty well at the markets!

We came home with lots of peaches and nectarines, bananas, asparagus, red peppers, swiss chard, homemade gnocchi and spicy pasta sauce, and fresh ricotta cheese. Before getting to work prepping dinner we sat outside and enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine.

See how versatile an excess of fruit salad can be?! It was really good added to the wine. We sat outside and chatted for a bit, admiring B’s garden 🙂 . Then we got cookin’.

The gnocchi was so good- it was a ricotta based pasta, instead of the traditional potato. I have had both before and like the ricotta gnocchi better. It seems less dense to me, and a bit creamier in texture. The sauce was SO GOOD. It was a basic tomato sauce with garlic, spices and olive oil but what made it stand out was the red pepper flakes. It gave the sauce a tangy/spicy flavor that totally hit the spot.

I really love dating someone who loves to cook. It is definitely something we both enjoyed doing before we met so being able to do it together makes it that much better.

Does your significant other like to cook? What are some of your favorite things to cook together?

B and I love creating flatbreads at home!

Time to get back to work. I am hoping this week passes quickly, the Fourth of July holiday is coming up and I betchya can’t guess where I’ll be!!