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Kombucha Friday


It’s here! The much anticipated start to the weekend. Nevermind that I have to waitress tonight and that it is supposed to thunderstorm–I have two full days of free time and fun in the sun coming up! Just gotta get through today.

As I was breaking open my bottle of Kombucha today, it occurred to me that I forgot to review my tea from last Friday!! I hope you all weren’t waiting in anticipation because well–it wasn’t that great. I actually tried another GT flavor – Passionberry Bliss. Kind of tasted like apple juice, just like the Raspberry Rush.

Because the last several GT’s I have tried have been less than stellar I’ve decided to try a new brand/flavor today. I still have a handful of GT’s flavors to try but I figured it was time to expand my horizons; so I picked up a bottle of High Country Kombucha in their Goji Berry flavor.

I really like the bottle and the fact that the cap is sealed much better than GT’s caps. I was less nervous about jostling the bottle and causing the “natural effervescence” to explode out the sides.

The taste was good too! It was not sweet but had a fruity flavor. Sort of how a red wine might be described as having “full fruit flavors of cherry and berries and chocolate”. It doesn’t actually taste like you’re drinking sweet berries and chocolate, but you can appreciate the hints of flavor.

This particular brand, High Country Kombucha has some interesting flavors that I am excited to try. So check back in the coming weeks to see what I choose!

I have a fun weekend ahead of me “Before the Shore” party and gardening with my dad on Sunday!