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I’m just killing some time at the Starbucks near work before the official Team in Training Kick Off Event. I’m pretty excited to meet the coaches and others who will be running the marathon in May. I’ll tell ya all about it this weekend but for now, two things I need to address:

My Hair-

1. It is really long. Exhibit A

2. It needs a cut! And no I am not doing Locks for Love. I love my locks and have donated before-just not up for suuuper short hair again. Exhibit B

That being said, I do plan to give my locks a chop soon. I’m thinking probably four inches or so but we shall see. Any suggestions for style are welcome! I honestly am not picky about my hair style-I usually just trust my stylist.

Next topic….

My cell phone-

My co-workers are probably sick of hearing me talk about it, but in 2 short week I will officially be an iphone owner and could not be more excited!


I currently have a Droid and while I do like that it fully supports Google programs, I am over how craptastic the touch  screen is and how it turns off 6+ times a day just by being SET ON A HARD SURFACE. So annoying.

So again, any and all suggestions are welcome for awesome apps to download/buy.

And on that note, I’ll be going. Time to pretend like I’m not scared sh*tless about having signed up for a marathon. Eek!


New Do



Just wanted to pop in really fast and show you all my new haircut! Please excuse the awkward “I’m taking a picture but trying to look like I’m not because I’m in it” look. I was the only one around last night so it’ll have to do!



Not too bad, right? 🙂

I’ve got a busy busy few days ahead of me but at least it is only 2 more days until the shore!!! I’ll be back tomorrow with a yummy review!