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Afternoon Laughs


Lunch Post!

So it’s been about a week and a half since I moved back home and things are going well. I thank the Kindle gods daily because without my Kindle, my 50 min train ride each way to work and home would suuuuck. If you have any book suggestions please send them my way! I’ve read Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, Hunger Game Series and The Help for starters.

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying my hand at video blogging (vlogging???) on behalf of Newman’s Own. I know I won’t be winning any awards with this video but it is fantastically cheesy and a fun little exercise in video creation. So check it out! I wouldn’t be opposed to creating another video should someone provide me with a fun topic 🙂



Mushroom Risotto


Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, on weekdays I usually cook for one, but do need to make dinner for two a couple times a week when B comes over. I had a cruddy day yesterday and the idea of coming home and cooking in the kitchen made me feel MUCH better.

I have been dying to make a risotto for awhile now, and finally decided to take the plunge last night. I was nervous about being able to make a creamy, delicious risotto like I have had in restaurants many times before. I googled a bunch of different recipes and finally decided to try RhodeyGirl’s .

Mushroom Risotto
Serves 10-12 as a side or 5-6 as an entree

500 g (about 2 cups) arborio rice
1 medium onion, diced
3 cups crimini mushrooms, cleaned and sliced – I used shitake mushrooms
3 cups baby bello mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
3 tbs olive oil
1 tbs butter – I used Earth Balance
4 tbs parmigiano reggiano – I used a couple tbs of regular Parmesan
kosher salt & pepper to taste
1 quart low sodium chicken broth – I used vegetable broth
1/2 cup cognac – I used a dry white wine

The process what much easier than I thought. The key to making the risotto creamy is to keep stirring while all the broth is added. The result was a super creamy, rich dish with lots of meaty mushrooms. B absolutely loved it and said it kind of tasted like a mac and cheese dish, it was so creamy. I made us a salad and baked him some chicken. I set the table and we enjoyed some Syrah with our meal.

We both ate a decent amount and there is a TON of leftovers! I will definitely be eating this as leftovers for the next several days.

Even though this was a short week it seemed to drag on! Glad it is Friday. I have a weekend full of working and will be squeezing in a run and a trip to WC to celebrate my sister’s bday and my cousin’s graduation. Have a great weekend!


::Sidenote- I am currently eating leftovers of this awesome recipe as I hit publish!::