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A Solo Six – Week 3 Marathon Wrap Up


Wrapping up week 3 of NJ Marathon training with lots of cookie baking today. Brad got home Friday after an insane trip to DC and back to get him because of a missed flight. All that matters is that he’s home for the holidays 🙂 🙂 🙂

I ran my long run solo this weekend because of the unexpected trip to DC. Because Brad was supposed to fly into AC we had to go TO the AC airport Friday night to get his luggage because somehow his luggage made the flight and not him. ANYways, it was a blessing in disguise because we spent the night at his OCNJ house (since it was so late Friday when we got back to NJ) and I got to do my long run at the shore!

Just a typical winter running outfit. So far running tights, a cold weather long sleeved shirt, light vest, headband and gloves have been perfect. I suspect once the  temps drop another 10 degrees in the mornings that I will be layering up more.

Our TNT training plan called for 5-6 miles and going with our coach’s suggestion, I want to keep on the high end of mileage as long as there isnt snow and ice on the ground. I finished 6 miles in 59:20 which I am very happy about! I just want to keep my pace under 10 minute miles and so far I have done that for most runs.

Here’s a quick summary of my training this week:

  • Monday – 3 miles with Melissa
  • Tuesday – off
  • Wednesday – 2.5 miles
  • Thursday – personal training session
  • Friday – lots of mall walking (before lots of driving to DC!)
  • Saturday – 6 miles
  • Sunday – light yoga/stretching

Mileage is on the low end this week but I expect to kick that up over the next couple weeks for sure. With the holidays  coming up I have several days off and plan to run during the day which will be nice! If anyone in the West Chester area wants to run leave me a comment!!


TNT Fundraising Update – I am officially 63% of the way to my fundraising goal and have set a date for my Happy Hour event! Check back for details after the holidays!!

Time to get ready for the work week-it’s a short one for me!!


Brian’s Run 2011 – “Thatwassofun!!!”


Yesterday I ran Brian’s Run with my friends Meghan and Erin. As you can tell from the title, it was really fun!!!

It was a 1pm race which was really nice; gave me time to sleep in, eat a good breakfast (wheat bagel with PB, duh) and clean some. We met around noon and walked to the race start to snap some pictures and stretch before the 5 mile race began. We were all about having FUN – this was Meghan and Erin’s first race and I was so excited to be running it with them. We agreed to stay together and make the best of the super hilly course. We took some glamour shots before lining up at the start 🙂




We had a great race-we walked when we needed (the hills were brutal!) and finished in a kick ass 54 minutes. I was so happy with how well we all did considering this was a super hilly course and it was a first race ever for two of us!

Instead of waiting in the crazy long lines for some post-run food, we decided to take the party elsewhere and went to our favorite bar/restaurant in West Chester – Side Bar! They always have great beers on tap and the food is awesome. We immediately ordered some post run refreshment: Troeg’s Mad Elf

Soooo good and perfect post-run. We ordered a couple dishes to share and they were gone fast. It was a great way to finish of a really fun Sunday!! I think I can speak for all three of us when I say that we will be running another race together soon!

Before I go I just have to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has donated to my marathon!!! In one week alone I have raised almost HALF of what I need to meet my goal!!! So THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. For those of you who would still like to donate, here is my website. You can also support me during an event I will be hosting in early February. I don’t have all the details yet but it is going to be really fun so stay tuned!


See Stephie Run


I ran my first ever 5k in 2009

Since then I wouldn’t say I have done a LOT of races, but I’ve done my fair share; half a dozen 5ks, two ten milers and a half.

So yea, I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this…

I’m running a marathon!

I am going to be training with Team in Training and couldn’t be more excited and terrified. I have two friends who have lost their spouses to Leukemia and knew I wanted to honor their lives by raising funds to help find a cure for those currently fighting and who will fight blood cancers.

I plan to blog as much of my journey as possible so please check back here regularly! I also have a page on the TNT site. You can visit that page  here. I will be doing some fundraising between now and the New Year but plan to kick it into full gear January 2012.

Here’s to an exciting and challenging six months ahead!


Broad Street Run 2011


Recap time! I’m at yoga right now and  thought it would be appropriate to post this while I try and stretch out my sore legs!

Yesterday was my second time running Broad Street. Last year’s recap can be found here. This year’s run was 1000x better than last year for several reasons:

  • It was only in the high 60’s this year as opposed to last years almost 90 degrees!
  • I didn’t stop running once!
  • Beat last year’s time by 9 minutes!
Needless to say, I had a much better experience this year. My alarm went off at 4:45 am and I stuffed some toast with PB and banana on it into my mouth while drinking some tea. My roommate Steph and I got ready and met up with my sister, cousin and uncle and took the Broad Street Line to the start. Here’s Steph and I ready to go!

My sister and I agreed to run together (aka, I demanded she run with me since she left me and Chrissy last year! 🙂 ) For some strange reason, I wasn’t really nervous! I hadn’t run more than 8 miles this time around and that was over a month ago-which should have made me nervous. But I decided that as I ran by Mayor Nutter with a smile on my face, I was going to enjoy this race damnit! Last year I was so worried and concerned about running too slow and being so hot I didn’t really “take it all in”.

I think I was better prepared mentally this time around as well. Knowing what to expect in terms of crowds, water stops, music etc. made it a bit easier. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard goings, especially miles 7-9. My family was waiting for us just after mile 9 like last year which helped a LOT. It was also great seeing Sabrina AND Chrissey cheering the crowds on around mile 6! After seeing my family at mile 9 I knew it was almost over!! Lindsey and I ran the whole thing which I am still amazed at; I am a fan of short walk breaks if needed. Crossing that finish line with awesome-I knew I had given it my all and proudly took my medal!!

Lindsey and I walked the mile back to meet up with our family. It was a great morning and ended at Geno’s where everyone chowed down on cheese steaks; I stuck with some super healthy cheese fries though. 🙂

Here’s Lindsey, me, my cousin Elissa and my Uncle Mike after we finished! I’m so glad I have awesome parents who come out to support me during these races!! Brad was at a bachelor party this weekend or else I would have had him down there playing photographer!

Who else ran Broad Street? Any fun races coming up that you’re running in??


Hit and Run


Otherwise known as the time I hit a car. While running.

Yes, I’m serious.

So Saturday my sister and I had 7 miles planned as part of our training for Broad Street. Our long runs are normally done on Kelly Drive but this particular Saturday I suggested we run a of couple miles into the city because I really enjoyed when Chrissey and I did that during the Philly Half training.

So we started off and looped around the back and side of the art museum. There is a small half circle on the side of the museum that cars will pull into if they need to turn around. There is a stop light and everything, so it’s legit. Lindsey and I had crossed over the first part of the circle and were standing in the little island part waiting for our turn to go. There was a white SUV coming straight towards us but she had her turn signal on. That should have been my first warning. Let me note that when I run I tend to get in the zone so my usual sensibility may have been slightly lowered. OK back to the story…

Lindsey was on my left and the car decided it did not want to turn like it was SIGNALING and kept coming straight. It passed by Lindsey and I saw Lindsey start to run forward. Now I’m no scientific genius or anything but experience has told me that by the time I registered Lindsey moving forward the car would have then passed by me and I could begin running again. Well in all of my excitement to get moving I failed to notice that the white SUV had slowed down considerably and instead of being far to my right it was RIGHT in front of me.

Steph beginning an excited run+white SUV smack in front of her = BAM

The sound of me making contact with the SUV was so loud my sister stopped and gasped, thinking I must have broken every bone in my left arm. It was crazy because I hit the car and kind of skidded down the side of it  but managed to stay upright! At first I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry from embarrassment. It had to have been a sight to see. I mean who actually RUN INTO A MOVING CAR?!?!  This girl.

All laughing aside though, it did  hurt and I have some scrapes on my arm as well as some mild soreness. But lets be honest, it is really funny. 🙂 We ended up having a good run though and finished all 7 miles in 69 minutes.

So moving on to tastier things…

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weakness for tortilla chips. They definitely top the list of favorite snack foods, especially with salsa or say, queso dip. 🙂 So when Foodbuzz contacted me asking if I would like to try Tostitos new Artisan Recipes, of COURSE I said I wanted to be considered! Well lucky me because look what was waiting on my doorstep as I walked in the house after work!

They come in two flavors, Fire Roasted Chipotle and Roasted Garlic and Black Bean. I immediately ripped open the Chipotle flavor because who said tortilla chips were bad pre-run fuel?!

The chips are definitely flavorful, although I was hoping for more of a smokey Chipotle flavor. That being said, they were tasty! A bit thicker than normal tortilla chips but packed with flavor-I definitely licked my fingers clean!

I haven’t tried the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean yet; I want to save them for the weekend!

I hope everyone got their Mondays started off right! Anyone out  there have a funny/embarrassing exercise story like mine?!


I received Tostitos Artisan Recipes Flavored Tortilla Chips as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thanks Foodbuzz and Tostitos!

Busy and Fun


So this past weekend was jam packed-just the way I like it. I am the type of person that thrives off of being busy. Yes, some may call me an over planner, but I love looking at my calendar and seeing a weekend full of fun things planned. I do best when I am running around from one activity to the next-perhaps that will come in handy down the road when I have kids!! 🙂

My Friday night was spent whipping up cheese fondue for all the lovely guests at the restaurant where I work. I didn’t get home until 1:30am which means I was working (between both of my jobs) for 17 hours! I am not really sure HOW I manage to do it, but I do! My 1:30am bedtime meant my 7am alarm was NOT a welcome sound. I drug myself out of bed to meet my sister for our final long ride before City to Shore next weekend.

It was a rough ride. There were quite a few hills and I was very tired so the 40 miles we rode felt more like 400 miles! But, we finished and I am hoping I have the stength to make it through next weekend!

I came home and crashed for a few hours before getting ready to head out and meet some blog friends for dinner in Northern Liberties. At the suggestion of Lauren a group of us met for dinner at Cantina Dos Segundos. We all had a great time chatting and I had what was probably one of my all time favorite salads for dinner! You can check out the praise it got on Sabrina’s blog (she obviously loved it too!).

(photo thanks to Ashley)

I honestly loved getting to talk with these girls; being in a smaller group makes the conversations more personal and they tend to flow better. I can’t wait for our next meet-up!

I was in bed by 10pm (on a Saturday!?!) because I had a 5am wake up for some 1/2 marathon volunteering! I worked with some other BOMFers providing hydration for all the runners! I believe there were 18,000+ runners–it was insane! I think we all had a good time though.

It was such a fun experience; even though it was a madhouse for about 2 hours it was totally worth it!

As soon as we were done cleaning up I ran to my car, changed clothes and headed out on my own run! I had 6 miles to do and I did just that! It wasn’t a fast run or anything but it was GOOD. I definitely felt strong and happy when I finished. At this point I was ready to drop but I still had one more thing to do-eat cupcakes!! 🙂

Lisa, Sabrina and I met at Brown Betty’s Dessert Boutique in Northern Liberties

(Thank you Sabrina for the photo!)

We all chose a cupcake and shared – the Sweet Potato cupcake with Spiced Buttercream Frosting was so good! It reminded me of fall — my favorite season. After an awesome couple hours spent chatting with Lisa and Sabrina I said my good-byes and went to B’s house for homemade fish tacos and couch dwelling :). Perfect way to end a great weekend!

I have a 5am wake-up for my BOMF run so this girl has got to get to bed. Catch ya later!




When I was growing up I always felt like I had to be the best at everything I did and if I wasn’t the best, I just wanted to quit. I would get discouraged by those running faster than me or scoring more goals in lacrosse or dancing better at the recital.

It took me awhile, and I am still learning, but  I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter if I am faster or stronger or better at something than everyone else. What matter is that I am doing MY best, and this morning was a perfect example…

I got up at 5am to run with Back on My Feet. This morning we were deciding how far we all wanted to run and in my head I was thinking two, maybe three miles. Then I heard a couple people say they were going to do four and I said “ME TOO”! I can totally do 4 miles!!

Well my friends, I have not run 4 miles since Broad Street. Yep that’s right. I have actually not run more than 3 miles in over 2.5 months. But I went anyways and about 2 miles in, at a pace I was slightly uncomfortable with I decided I had to take a walk break or my lungs would explode. I was kind of embarrassed but knew that I would rather slow down than have someone scraping me off the pavement. Thanks for a healthy dose of reality legs and lungs.

I was walking for a minute or so, watching the group get farther away when one of them ran back to me and says “come on-we have a rule here that no one runs alone”. And that was that. For the next two miles we ran and walked when needed and I made it through those 4 miles in almost exactly 44 minutes. When we made it back to everyone else, we were greeted with big smiles.

I realized as I was driving home after my run that everyone is running their own metaphorical race in life. Some of us are literally running races and others, like those in the BOMF program are being helped in their race of life by the program which coincidentally, has them running races 🙂 .

I know I need to build my running fitness back up but I am not going to get discouraged about it. I have done it before and know I can do it again. It isn’t going to happen overnight but it will happen.

At BOMF it isn’t how fast or far you can go, but the mere fact that you’re GOING. I know there will be times in my life that will require hard work but I am happy knowing that every Wednesday morning when I am greeted with hugs and hello’s I don’t have to worry about being the best. Being me is good enough.

Taking Inspiration From Others


As I was getting out of my car after work this evening a thought suddenly crossed my mind. Do my legs remember how to run!? This thought was brought on by the fact that I was planning on running tonight. Well I proved to myself the yes indeed, my legs DO remember how to run…just not very well :). I only ran two miles but felt like I had run 10 times that! I want to chalk it up to the heat but in reality, I have lost my running fitness.

I will admit that I have had a few mini freak outs over this; especially considering that the most I have run since Broad Street is 3 miles! But ya’ know what? It’s OK.  No really, I am fine with it. I know that my body can work itself up to ten miles, or 13 or 75 on a bike, it will just take time and hard work. Either way, those two miles were still hard! I came back looking like a hot mess.

Attractive I know. Just trying to keep things real ;). I was able to shower and get dinner started just as B got here from work. Tonight’s dinner was inspired in part by Travel Eat Love’s salmon recipe  Eat Live Run’s use of swiss chard as a side, and my own pineapple rice!

The salmon recipe I followed was very simple. Instead of using a Zinfandel to create  cherry sauce for the salmon I used Shiraz. I let the cherries and wine simmer for about 30 minutes while I threw together my Pineapple Rice. While that all cooked I prepared these pretty ladies.

I am in love with the vibrant colors of this Swiss Chard! When I saw it during my trip to Headhouse Farmer’s Market I just knew I had to get it. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it once I actually had it but I got it anyways. In reality it wasn’t so scary. I just chopped the stalks into small pieces and tore the leaves up. I sautĂ©ed them with some olive oil, garlic and salt along with some asparagus and red pepper. It made for a VERY colorful and flavorful dinner.

I love pineapples and the cherry sauce went so well with it. I would definitely make this again but probably use a different starch or roast some more veggies. Overall a great dinner! I’m headed to the couch to watch some TV with B before bed. Have a good night everyone!


Ready to Race?


Ever since I finished Broad Street I knew I wanted to complete a 1/2 marathon. It isn’t so much IF but WHEN for me. There are two races coming up this year that I am considering but I feel conflicted. Let me explain. The Rock and Roll (ING) 1/2 marathon is in September and the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon is in November. I know a lot of people running the 1/2 in September and would love to be a part of that race but I really can’t stand the thought of training and running 10-12 mile runs in the humid summer months. I want to know from you all out there–am I being a sissy? Do I need to toughen up and just go for it? I am nervous to commit and then not follow through. Advice needed!!

So today has been a great day of eats so far! I have not been on a BIG food shopping trip in about a month (ie – WF, TJ’s and Giant all in one day). Instead I have made a couple smaller trips for produce and almond milk. So I have a lot of produce to use up before the Shore this weekend!

This morning I had the usual CCBS — seriously can’t get enough!

For lunch I was definitely set on a salad and this is what I came up with

My salad had a romaine/spring mix base with 1/2 an avocado, carrot, red pepper, feta and hot sauce. I usually don’t use dressing, especially when I have awesome toppings like avocado to give my salad some Oomph!

I was also able to pack a late afternoon snack of plain Chobani, sliced strawberries and cereal.

Now that isn’t just ANY cereal you see. It is my very own creation from [me]&gogi! I was lucky enough to get to design  and name this cereal. I am so excited about and will have a full review later this week!

I’ve got to run; I am getting my hair cut tonight — SO. EXCITED. I have waited WAY too long to have it cut. I’ll post some pics tomorrow! Before I go though, Please take a minute to check out my friend and co-worker April‘s site. She is running the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in September and the Philadelphia MARATHON in November!! She is raising money through Team in Training in honor of her husband who is battling a form of Leukemia right now. So take a minute to read her story and donate!

Three more days until the shore!!


A Good Run and A Full Tum


Ok so I just wanted to rhyme – I know tum is probably a really cheesy 5-year-old term for stomach but hey, I do what I can 🙂 .

Today was a good day! Work went by quickly, I had some good eats, a great workout and now I am watching a Law & Order marathon and eating some dark chocolate!

Breakfast was my go to these days — Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake (aka the CCBS). I munched on some dried apricots and dates before lunch too. For lunch I had a special treat. My Dad was in the area on business so we went out! We went to a pub style restaurant and I had their featured salad which had Rockfish, greens, onion, tomato, blue cheese and apple. It was good although the fish was pan fried and tasted a little too buttery. I really enjoy it when my Dad comes for lunch – we got to catch up and hang out even if just for an hour.

The afternoon went pretty quickly — I finished up work and headed down to the gym. It was still pouring outside so I did a total of 4.3 miles in 50 minutes. I ran the first mile, walked a half mile, did some speed work and finished off with running another mile. I left feeling pretty great.

Dinner was quick and easy; whole wheat spinach and cheese ravioli from WF with 2 servings of stirfry style veggies and some tomato sauce. I added some garlic and onion for flavor.

MmMmMmMm! Good times. I may have also had a scoop of PB and a few tortilla chips. In hindsight I was probably just very thirsty but felt like I was starving!

Before I go I just need to show you all a picture of the bridesmaid dress I just bought for my friend Lauren’s wedding in October. It’s from JCrew and I am kind of in love.

What do you think?!

Gotta run, have a good night!