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Afternoon Laughs


Lunch Post!

So it’s been about a week and a half since I moved back home and things are going well. I thank the Kindle gods daily because without my Kindle, my 50 min train ride each way to work and home would suuuuck. If you have any book suggestions please send them my way! I’ve read Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, Hunger Game Series and The Help for starters.

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying my hand at video blogging (vlogging???) on behalf of Newman’s Own. I know I won’t be winning any awards with this video but it is fantastically cheesy and a fun little exercise in video creation. So check it out! I wouldn’t be opposed to creating another video should someone provide me with a fun topic 🙂



Ready to Race?


Ever since I finished Broad Street I knew I wanted to complete a 1/2 marathon. It isn’t so much IF but WHEN for me. There are two races coming up this year that I am considering but I feel conflicted. Let me explain. The Rock and Roll (ING) 1/2 marathon is in September and the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon is in November. I know a lot of people running the 1/2 in September and would love to be a part of that race but I really can’t stand the thought of training and running 10-12 mile runs in the humid summer months. I want to know from you all out there–am I being a sissy? Do I need to toughen up and just go for it? I am nervous to commit and then not follow through. Advice needed!!

So today has been a great day of eats so far! I have not been on a BIG food shopping trip in about a month (ie – WF, TJ’s and Giant all in one day). Instead I have made a couple smaller trips for produce and almond milk. So I have a lot of produce to use up before the Shore this weekend!

This morning I had the usual CCBS — seriously can’t get enough!

For lunch I was definitely set on a salad and this is what I came up with

My salad had a romaine/spring mix base with 1/2 an avocado, carrot, red pepper, feta and hot sauce. I usually don’t use dressing, especially when I have awesome toppings like avocado to give my salad some Oomph!

I was also able to pack a late afternoon snack of plain Chobani, sliced strawberries and cereal.

Now that isn’t just ANY cereal you see. It is my very own creation from [me]&gogi! I was lucky enough to get to design  and name this cereal. I am so excited about and will have a full review later this week!

I’ve got to run; I am getting my hair cut tonight — SO. EXCITED. I have waited WAY too long to have it cut. I’ll post some pics tomorrow! Before I go though, Please take a minute to check out my friend and co-worker April‘s site. She is running the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in September and the Philadelphia MARATHON in November!! She is raising money through Team in Training in honor of her husband who is battling a form of Leukemia right now. So take a minute to read her story and donate!

Three more days until the shore!!