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It’s been a busy and fun six weeks or so since I last posted. Brad has been home from Nicaragua and we’ve been getting lots of beach time in, along with several weddings. I’ll be posting more about the summer so far once I’m all moved home. Oh what’s that you ask? Why am I moving home? And where is home?

Well friends, in about two weeks I’ll be moving in with two new roommates: mom and dad. Not exactly where I imagined myself at 27 years old; moving home with the parents-but life doesn’t always work out as we plan, right? I’m moving home in order to buckle down and save some money. Like I mentioned in my last post six or so weeks ago, Brad is in the process of building and opening a surf camp in Nicaragua. Yes, that does mean there is a chance I may move there eventually but my move home is both financially and emotionally motivated. Brad is going to be gone for longer periods at a time and with the exception of my kick-ass roommate Steph and a few other friends, my support system of friends and family are mostly in the town I grew up in. Being close to them is what I want and need in the coming months. I’m actually looking forward to being closer to my family, hanging out with my sister Lindsey (who is in med school and always busy!) and being surrounded by people who love and support me. 🙂

I am going to miss living on my own; I am a fiercely independent gal so this transition will probably be challenging. But in a good way!

Oh and before I go, I have to show you a photo of my sisters and I. My beautiful sister Karleigh got married earlier this month in my parents back yard. It was such a fun and special time; I’ll be missing Karleigh who has just moved to Alabama (her husband is in the army and is stationed there).



NC Wedding Recap


Hello! After I landed yesterday I had a few things to take care of at my parent’s and then I headed to B’s to see him and make dinner. I missed him! We made a veggie filled dinner of zuccini, tomato and onion over some wheat pasta. Backing up though to this weekend — I want to give a recap of my cousin’s wedding in North Carolina.

The wedding took place on the southern coast of NC, in Atlantic Beach. It was at a Country Club and as you will see, the actual ceremony was outside. My cousin and his now-wife did most of the planning themselves and it turned out very nice! The food was good and the dancing was fun.

After the ceremony my family and I snapped a few pictures. We are rarely all together in the same place so when we are, we like to have proof! 🙂

Throughout the night I sipped on some white wine and beer, but was super excited to see they were offering my favorite beer that night: Blue Moon!

Dinner was served buffet style and included pork, chicken, fish, salad, vegetables and warm roles. It was very simple but good. I loaded my plate with salad, zucchini/squash, a roll and a small piece of fish.

The fish was a tad dry so I only had a few bites but the salad and veggies were really good! I ate them all.

After dinner all of the fun began. We did a lot of dancing and the DJ played fun, current music. My cousin is younger (about 23) so his music choices were great for dancing! He and his wife also picked some great, “classic” wedding songs too (Brick House anyone??).  I managed to snap a few pictures with my sisters throughout the night – here are a few.

(Me and Lindsey)

(Me and Karleigh)

Then it was time for my favorite part – dessert!

The cake (or cakes!) were very unique. It was a frozen mousse with a thin layer of cake. There was a passionfruit mousse and a strawberry mousse. Both were so amazing. So different than a traditional wedding cake but perfectly fitting for the bride and groom – my cousin (the groom) went to Johnson and Wales and is very into cooking as is his best man. His best man was the one who made the cakes! I thought that was a really special gift he was able to give to them. I give it two thumbs up!

It was a a fun night spent eating and dancing. It was great to see my extended family. I was one tired girl though because I could barely keep my eyes open once we returned to the hotel!

The morning after the wedding I hit the road with my Aunt and Uncle with just one destination in mind : Raleigh to see my best friends! Stay tuned for my recap on our lake house adventures, southern potluck lunch and Elon fun!




Well I made it – I survived NINE hours in an SUV with my two sisters and parents. It wasn’t easy, but we did it ;). The trip actually didn’t feel long at all. I passed the time by having a GLEE singalong, taking pictures, napping and checking email. Our trip to NC took us down the coast from PA into DE, MD, VA and finally NC. I have a few photos capturing the scenery on the way down, but first some breakfast pictures! We stopped at Wawa where I got a banana, iced coffee with skim milk and sugar and an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato.

I ended up eating the banana (not pictured) later in the afternoon, along with waaay too much of my mom’s homemade chex mix. I really only eat the chex cereal, but I probably had 2 bowls+ worth of it. Eeek! Ok so back to the trip. It was a scenic one as you will now see.

Dover Air Force Base – Dover, DE

Middle of nowhere- MD 🙂

Getting ready to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

Momma and I

We made it! Welcome to Atlantic Beach, NC.

Once we arrived we checked in and my sister, cousin and I went for a short run-probably about 1.5-2 miles. It is HOT and HUMID here. We immediately went to the beach after and ran into the water in our running gear. It was so refreshing. The water is really warm! After a quick swim in the pool and showers our two families met and went to dinner nearby.

While we waited we decided to have some fun and goof around. We are all very close and range in age from 18-26. It’s nice having an couple extra sisters to joke around with!

We made a new friend while waiting for our table!

I enjoyed a Baybreeze – perfectly refreshing on vacation

Just as the sun started to set, our table was ready!

Hooray (me and my sister)! HA- This might be the funniest/my favorite picture of the trip so far. What are we DOING?!

Once seated we order some appetizers for the table. I munched on some homemade potato chips and blue cheese and tasted the lobster dip. I also had some cornbread from the bread basket.

After perusing the menu for about oh, 5 seconds I knew exactly what I was getting:

Shrimp and Grits (sans sausage)!! When down South, do as they do!

It was SO good! There were tons of mushrooms and peppers in a red sauce with the shrimp and cheesy grits. I usually associate grits with breakfast but these worked so well with the cheese and flavors of the mushrooms and shrimp.  Since I had eaten so much beforehand I only ate about 1/2 of this. I also enjoyed a small glass of Bogle Chardonnay.

After dinner we all came back to the hotel lobby and hung out with some of the other wedding guests/family. I had a Sam’s Summer Ale and a couple chocolate chip cookies and called it a night. I was up at 8:15 this morning with a plan to visit the hotel fitness center. I followed the 45 min treadmill workout I did the other day – I chose the walking route. I covered a little over 3 miles in 47 minutes and was a sweaty mess! After my workout I met everyone downstairs for breakfast!

Egg “nuggets” (as my cousins and sisters named them) and a piece of WW toast with Peanut Butter.

And this mixed fruit. It tasted good but I seriously could not identify what it was which kind of freaked me out. I only had a few bites and decided to create one of my favorite combos instead.

PB Toast with banana! I also drizzled some honey on top. The breakfast offerings were pretty decent for being complimentary. They had waffle makers, eggs, sausage, muffins, toast, bagels cereal, fruit, etc. I may have to try out the waffle maker tomorrow – especially if tonight proves to be as fun as I think it will be 😉 .

After breakfast I had a conference call for work which took about an hour. It finished up right in time for me to catch up with my mom, aunt and uncle and friends to go on a 40 min walk. My body is so not used to this heat and humidity (How do you FL girls do it?!) so I was yet again drenched after this excursion. I am getting ready to head down to the pool and beach for a bit before getting ready for the wedding! It is an outdoor wedding at a Country Club right on the water. I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of fun pictures! Have a great day!

Ta -Ta!

Pizza Disaster and Packing


My apologies for not posting the past few days! On Monday I was up to my neck in undercooked pizza dough and lamenting over my major homemade pizza FAIL. Yes, you can close your gaping mouths now–it IS possible to mess up making pizza. Let me explain….

It started innocently enough with a package of Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza dough. I prebaked it a bit and then added my tomato sauce, squash, peppers, spinach and asparagus with goat cheese sprinkled on top. Apparently I did not 1) leave it in long enough and 2) spray the pan enough because what came out was something of a goo. A tasty goo, but a goo nonetheless. I had a couple blobs pieces of it before wrapping up the leftovers. Here is just an idea of what the mess looked like.

Perhaps I had too much sauce/toppings? Who knows. Next time will be better though!

Although Monday’s dinner was a bust, the rest of the day was good! I started off with a SIAB – inspired by Kath.

You know how I love my smoothies in the morning and I’ve been meaning to try making a smoothie in a bowl. I can’t believe I waited to so long! Into the mix went:

This was such a good breakfast! The coconut oil hardened and gave some crunch along with the cereal. The banana definitely made the smoothie much richer and creamier than my normal CCBS.

After work on Monday (before said pizza disaster) I went to the gym and tried out the 45 minute treamill workout I had seen on Tina’s blog. There is a running and walking option and I started off following the running program and ended with the walking program. It was a great workout and I was a hot mess at the end! After the gym (which is in my office) I walked to the CVS about a mile away and then walked home. It was a great workout and it was so nice to be outside!

Work has been busy busy recently but today was my last day until Tuesday. Why do you ask? Because I am headed to North Carolina (Southern Coast to be exact) for my cousin’s wedding then back up to Raleigh to see my two best friends from Elon!  Liz and Leland both came up to PA for my birthday in November so it has been over six months since we have all been together and I can’t WAIT to see them.

I’ll have my laptop and camera so expect a couple posts while I’m away! I’m excited for a couple days near the beach. I’ll be heading to Elon this weekend too – back to where it all started 🙂 .

I’ve gotta run, I’ve got some PACKING to do!

Catching Up


Sorry to have gone MIA the past three days. I have been busy having fun and am just getting back into my routine. I will be back later this week with some good stuff, so no worries.

I was at a wedding on Saturday with B and we had a great time. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as well!

ta ta!

Salad Success!


Happy Friday! So glad to be saying that. I thought I would share with you a funny cartoon that B’s mom sent to me. I think it describes things well:

Snoopy's Typical Work Week

Hehe cute right?! So last night I went to my old roomie Lauren’s NEW place for dinner. She lives with her fiance (newly engaged!) and we got together with my current roommate for dinner and drinks. I was in charge of bringing a salad and knew I wanted to do something summery since shore season is almost here! My #1 top salad is my mom’s strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed dressing. It is AMAZING. So I decided to put my own twist on it and came up with a salad like this!

Into the salad went:

  • mixed greens
  • fresh strawberries
  • slivered almonds
  • broccoli slaw
  • Lemon Vinaigrette

The dressing I adapted from a recipe I found on Tasty Kitchen . It was super easy to make and turned out Ah-mazing! And I must say, if you haven’t been over to Tasty Kitchen, head over immediately there are SO MANY awesome looking recipes!

Along with my salad (which everyone enjoyed!) Lauren made baked ziti (that may rival my own mother’s!) bruchetta and crusty bread. It was a fantastic meal and it was so good to catch up and hang out with my friends.

Hi Roomie!

Our wonderful hosts – Brett, Lauren and Charlie!

Me and Charlie!

In other friend related news, former roomie Lauren asked me to be in her wedding! I of course said yes! Here is the best part – her wedding is planned for THIS fall! So exciting – lots of planning and parties for the next 6 months!! This will be just my 2nd time as a bridesmaid (I was MOH in my best friend from HS’s wedding last June) and I can’t wait. Congrats again Lauren and Brett, I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

See you all later for Kombucha Friday!