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Put a Smile on Your Face


I’ve had a big smile on my face ever since yesterday! Before I get to WHY, I wanted to show you the delicious and EASY wrap I made for lunch! This honestly took about 3 minutes to put together.

Into one whole wheat wrap, place:

  • smear of hummus
  • sliced zucchini and tomato
  • 1 sunshine burger (or any vegetable based patty of your choice)
  • sprinkle of feta
  • hot sauce!

Perfection! All the different textures work so well together and it definitely hit the spot.

Now back to the cheesy smile that’s been on my face 🙂 .

A couple weeks ago I received an email saying that I was invited to audition to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!!! Now I don’t know about you guys, but that was THE SHOW my mom and I watched when I lived at home! I had filled out an application online to be a contestant almost a year ago and haven’t thought about it since! That is until I was invited to NYC for the day to audition.

We drove up to the city yesterday afternoon which was pretty painless in terms of traffic.

Once we arrived I was ushered into a room where I spent 2.5 hours playing WoF games, being tested and speaking with the producers about myself. They had first round “cuts” and I made it through to the second round!

It actually was actually really fun and I wasn’t nervous at all. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that they choose me! I will know within 1-4 weeks if I’ve been chosen. Hopefully I’ll be up there spinning that wheel soon!

I also got an exciting email yesterday that was the perfect ending to the day. Foodbuzz contacted me saying I had been chosen to be a Featured Publisher on their site. This is exciting news and I am looking forward to working with them!

Some nasty storms just rolled through and I am hoping they clear up so I can get a bike ride in tonight. If not I may HAVE to join my roommate for a Happy Hour drink 😉 . See you kids tomorrow TGIF!


Have you ever been on a game show?? If so what one?!